EITEC '14 is a workshop held at CPS Week 2014 in Berlin
Date: April 14, 2014

Location: Andel's Hotel Berlin

Important Date

Deadline for camera reday paper:

March 21, 2014



Welcome to EITEC '14

Welcome to the home page of the 1st International Workshop on Emerging Ideas and Trends in Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (EITEC’ 14). This workshop will be held as part of CPS Week 2014 to take place in Berlin, Germany on April 14-17, 2014.

Cyber-physical systems are based on networked embedded software systems which connect computational entities in a collaborative manner with physical entities of the real world to achieve an overall purpose of its users. Together with available content and services on the World Wide Web, they build networks of systems that integrate with the physical environment. This will lead to radical changes in many application fields (e.g. energy, mobility, healthcare) and will have an impact on our daily lives. Many technology leaders are already in the midst of a global race of repositioning and reinventing themselves by developing new dynamic CPS inspired business models. However, mastering the engineering of complex and trustworthy CPS faces serious challenges, which have to be addressed by the engineering methodologies of the future.

The EITEC workshop series aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from various domains relevant to CPS dedicated to mastering the challenges in engineering of CPS today and in the future. The workshop will be a venue to share results and new ideas, discuss upcoming research directions, and to catalyze a joint industry-academia platform.