SPES Workshop on Challenges And Deployable Solutions for Seamless Variant Management (SWORDS2014) as part of the Software Product Line Conference 2014 in Florence

The workshop focuses on exchange of challenges, ideas and practical for variant management solutions for today's industrial use cases from software intensive domains like avionics, automotive, transportation, or automation. It aims to bring together industrial practitioners from these domains to discuss and highlight the challenges and deployed solutions in their organizations. Main goal is to identify commonalities and also differences in these challenges in terms of importance, complexity, and applied solutions.

Practitioners in this field are encouraged to present or participate in this workshop to foster exchange on this topic.

The workshop program will be structured in so that high interaction and communication among all participants is ensured. It will be a mixture of presentation sessions and plenary/group working sessions. Presenters are expected to provide enough time for discussion as part of their presentation slot. A presentation slot will be max. 40min (25min talk + 15min) moderated discussion.

This workshop is organized by the Germany-Funded Research Project "Software Platform Embedded Systems 2020 XT" - SPES_XT.